President Donald Trump has this hour signed an executive order committing the United States to becoming a member of the Commonwealth of Nations.

But there is a condition that is almost certain to be accepted by the flagging former British Empire, which recently suffered the indignity of the Brexit vote. Trump has seized on the opportunity created by the stripping of Durban, South Africa, of the right to host the 2022 Commonwealth Games.

Trump’s condition for adding another 330 million people to the Commonwealth is that America will host the 2022 Games in Florida. In anticipation of a firm yes, Mr Trump has appointed the far-sighted former Alaska governor Sarah Palin as the games director.

Palin, who can see Russia from her home in Alaska, will direct the games working from home with an occasional trip on Air Force One to the games village at Trump’s 20 actre Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach.

Questioned about the size of the estate compared with the land requirements of previous games villages, Mr Trump emphasized that the games will take on a whole new appearance and will concentrate on indoor games like beauty contests, casino gambling and Monopoly. Mr Trump himself is expected to be a strong contender for a Gold Medal for telling porkies.


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