Trump fires his entire cabinet before inauguration

By Breaker Breaker

In a shock move that will stun millions of Americans, President-elect Donald Trump has fired his entire cabinet before they have been sworn in, and replaced them with some truly iconic Americans plus one that looks like an influential foreigner.

The shock announcement, a few minutes ago, has taken political observers and insiders completely by surprise. New York Times chief White House correspondent, Peter Baker, was almost at a loss for words when approached for comment by Breakingspews. “I can’t really tell you very much at all,” he said. “All we’ve got at this point is a bunch of photos without names. I guess you’ll just have to figure out the names yourself.”

Perhaps our readers can put names to the faces. Otherwise, everyone must wait until January 20 to find out who they are. However, we did hear that Trump has sent Pence to Detroit to ask Henry Ford to take up the appointment as Secretary of Transport. We find this rather odd because, for some time now, Mr Ford has seemed reluctant to appear in public.



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